Business & New Ways of Thinking

Many parts of the population in Germany, like other European countries, seem to be somewhat unsettled by the rapidly advancing digital transformation happening. Of course it is also quite natural to resist the unfamiliar, and keep to old ways, but usually not so progressive.

Company owners, management, traditional organisations, and offic...

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Social Media: A Changing Trend in Society

No doubt about it, social media has a powerful impact and has changed the way we communicate (and do business) online. But it is also true that its use is dynamic and will continue to change, both from a technological/functional perspective, as well as psychological/behavioural. Being in touch (or even ahead) of such trends is key to yielding be...

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Web & SEO Tips

Choose & Focus on Your Best Social Media

Using more and more social media platforms does not necessarily mean more success with online presence and branding. The same holds true with having too many profiles/pages. In fact, it can very well be counterproductive and cannibalise online activity and credibility. Much better to choose only a few, use them regularly, and use them well!