Social Media: A Changing Trend

No doubt about it, social media has a powerful impact and has changed the way we communicate (and do business) online. But it is also true that its use is dynamic and will continue to change, both from a technological/functional perspective, as well as psychological/behavioural. Being in touch (or even ahead) of such trends is key to yielding be...

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GOOGLE: More than a Search Engine

We all know that Google is more than just an online search engine. Now with a vast array of digital products, making our lives easier, high-tech and fun; from Google Earth, Google Drive, Maps, Translate, Ad Words, Ad Sense, DoubleClick Ad server, Analytics, Google+, YouTube, to its Android mobile platforms and so much more.

But these are ...

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Web & SEO Tips

Creativity, Content & Ground-up Approach to SEO

To achieve good (high) search engine rankings, you need to take an all-encompassing approach and implement an SEO strategy that is closely integrated with the making of your website.