Achieving True Website SEO; Globally

SEO strategies are diverse, incorporating both technical & creative elements, together with honesty, hard work & inspiration. Most importantly, it's all about the website idea & its execution.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is certainly growing in importance. More importantly, legitimate SEO is becoming a priority. Indeed, your website must stand out from the ultra busy online crowd, but it must also do so genuinely, without abusing search engine criteria and without scaring away the user.


If you try to cheat the system in SEO (the system being major tech companies such as Google, Yahoo and Bing), then your website will simply be penalised. Hard to come back after this.

Think about it. The service search engines ultimately provide to users is presenting the most relevant search result. If this is not happening, then their service deteriorates. So they must work hard to implement intense and advance processes in determining which website are trying to cheat them (otherwise known as key word spamming or stuffing, among other black-hat techniques) and which are genuinely offering added-value content to the user. Obviously the latter are the ones that get priority search ranking.

And therein lies the art – value added content.

There are many strategies in SEO, but the most important is rich, relevant and SEO-friendly website content. This must be backed by insights and analytics, in-depth content research, quality copywriting, and other content marketing, as needed for digital marketing communications. This then also achieves more back-links, the other fundamental aspect of SEO. However, it also not as simple as just saying content achieves SEO, so flood your website with content.


Many markets, such as in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK are already well advance in SEO strategies, no doubt backed by their advantage to generate rich content in English – the main driving language for the internet globally. In fact, over 55% of the world’s website content is in English.

This is further enhanced by such market’s ability to easily follow vital trends lead by major online tech companies; consider Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, HP, IBM, Dell, EBay, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few.

In other markets, such as continental Europe, the Middle East and some parts of Asia, SEO is only now really starting to take shape, and somewhat falling behind because of their lack of proper English-content.

No doubt, localisation is also an important aspect when building a website, i.e. targeting your local/specific market. However, to rank well globally, the solution is quite simple. Like it or not, the website needs to be comprehensive in English. Or at very least, present with some English content.


Although many can uncover the various SEO tricks – just search online and read the tons of material or watch a few videos – there is much more of an art to true SEO success. It is not as simple as flooding your website with words made-up of “key words”, that all too-abused word nowadays in web design and development.

SEO success also does not just come from technical abilities in web development infrastructure, nor from just content research/copywriting.

In reality, SEO success comes from unique ideas and creations, together with their execution. Understanding the business/sector and market, then putting ideas into practice. The same can be said about other content-driven marketing, such as for third-party websites and social media. Overall, quality content achieves results in stronger online presence and wide reach.

For us here at Web-Conceptions, our ideas and creativity come from time to truly think, focus and enjoy, especially since we only ever work on one new website project at a time. This approach then makes it very hard for others to imitate what we do. Or to be more precise, what makes us unique.


About Our Agency

We are a specialised web design, development, SEO and online-digital communications agency, with over 15 year's international experience. To date, having completed projects across diverse business sectors and in over 12 countries, throughout the EU/Europe (Cyprus, Germany, France, Greece, the UK), wider EMEA region, as well as in Australasia.

Our solution focuses on bespoke website design, development, SEO & online marketing communications that helps brands enhance online presence, rankings, and results; locally, regionally, internationally.

As a team, we only ever work on ONE website-SEO project at any given time, ensuring maximum attention, creativity & professionalism.

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