Bad Economy, Good Creativity

During economic hardship, people and businesses alike can actually become more inspired, leading to new ideas, innovations, and creativity, in turn fuelling momentum.

The economic crisis is very real and very tough, no doubt about it.

In Europe, many peripheral economies – southern countries around the Mediterranean such as Greece, Italy, Spain and even France to an extent – are having major structural problems. Unemployment increasing, GDP growth sluggish and negative, property values dropping, banking sector suffering, the list goes on…

Although somewhat delayed, Cyprus also felt the impact, and when it did, hit hard and strong. The small island nation’s economy fell sharply, severely exposed to outside conditions. Cyprus now continues to struggle, and although has high hopes for the future – mainly backed by newly found riches in the energy (hydrocarbons gas) sector – it remains in a state of uncertainty and confusion.

Even emerging economies around the world such as China and India have now seen a slowdown to their phenomenal expansion of late. In turn, this has had a knock-on effect to economies that very much rely on them, such as Australia. So no one is except.

Depression in the economy is also certainly leading to depression in the mind. Some worst than others of course. Some are struggling to find the means to survive, whilst others merely upset and down by no longer being able to afford the luxuries they got accustom to.

Ultimately this is having a double negative and not allowing the economy to progress organically, with dampened consumer purchasing power and consumer confidence.

For business, this means a major slowdown in activity and with little hope of a good kick-start any time soon.

Don’t let it get you down. Be inspired

Luckily there has still been some sunshine here in Cyprus, always with an extended summer keeping people somewhat more optimistic.

And among this economic bleakness there is hope, and some amount of positives that can come out of it all. For one, it will help change internal and political structural inefficiencies, making them a lot more sustainable in the long term.

During such times however, there can also be a revolution in innovation, creativity and culture. People and businesses thinking of new alternatives to succeed, or at least for the moment, keep going.

To the average person, this might mean being more efficient with food and cooking, perhaps growing your own herbs, shopping at the local market more often, making your own soap, riding your bike to work, or whatever. For businesses it’s also about being more efficient, but should also be about being more proactive. Taking the initiative and creating drive, momentum and activity.

“When business was so good, people just sat back and work came to them almost. Now, you must go out there and find ways to target new business, establish diverse services, and especially offer added-value,” says Web-Conceptions. “We are doing this right now as a boutique website development and digital agency, and quickly learning that the world is vast and there are lots of opportunities out there to be explored. If you do it right, then there is not reason why you can not succeed.”

The Internet has certainly changed the dynamics of business, and created new communication channels, as well as ideas and ventures online. Business can now tap into more markets more easily, including international.

“We have seen very good organic growth in our web solution services, as many companies and organisation here in Cyprus are trying to work harder and introduce new approaches to doing business. We are helping them expand their online presence and search engine ranking, thereby giving them the ability to target new markets and be proactive in increasing activity and revenue."

New business creativity in Cyprus and the inspiration behind them

In Cyprus, there have been many new inspirations appearing. People trying to take matters in their own hands and create their own work. New business ventures, practices and start-ups, as well as change in the way of thinking. Many of these are focussing on web/online campaigns and channels, or at least using the Internet to drive activity.


Newly launched eCommerce to promote Cyprus home-grown products and services.

“In these hard economic times for Cyprus, our company M.K. WHATEVER LTD has created BuyCy online shop, with its main aim being the increase of domestic sales and global exports of Cypriot products. In our effort to aid Cyprus, we are committed in donating part of our proceeds to Cypriot Charity Foundations. Our ever-growing range of Cypriot products consists of goods that were designed and/or engineered, manufactured and produced in Cyprus. During the last decade the level of design, engineering, scientific research and technical know-how was raised dramatically in Cyprus and as a result the quality of Cypriot products is at the highest level, making the Cypriot products equal or even better in regards to the competitive ones. A large number of Cypriot products have won numerous awards in International and European competitions. Through our shop we are offering a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs, artists, designers and small businesses, to sell their products worldwide and locally, as we understand how hard it is in these economic conditions to set up and maintain a commercial store. We urge everybody to try, endorse and buy these great Cypriot products and therefore actively support the Cypriot economy.” Managing Director, BuyCy, Marios Koliandris


Urban Splash

Newly established real state agency and chartered surveyor in Nicosia, Cyprus offering a more dynamic and user-based experience when searching online.

“Our goal was to change the online user experience when looking for a property to buy or rent in Cyprus, as well as when selling/letting. No doubt, real estate sites in Cyprus were somewhat falling behind, and we needed to make it much easier and more dynamic for both the local and international market. I am confident that with our new site, we should be able to facilitate greater activity between real estate buyers and sellers and help boost economic growth in this sector. Actually, after being online less than a year we have already seen this changing trend.” Managing Director, Urban Keys Real Estate & Chartered Surveyors, Lambros Kaloyirou MRICS.


Prime-Star Estates

Recently re-positioned real estate agency in Cyprus with more personalised, exclusive and luxury services, matched by a modern and user-friendly design.

“The crisis is forcing property sale prices to go down, in some areas up to 35% maybe 40%. Rental prices are also falling, whilst developers have stopped doing new projects because they cannot fund their projects. In the commercial sector however, we have noticed a small increase in demand, which is very good news because this was the first sector hit by the crisis and is showing signs to be the first to come out of it. What we have done to fight the crisis is focus on creating a new website in order to generate more interest in Cyprus and abroad. It is no doubt the modern communication tool and an ideal way to reach out and engage with our customers.”


Utopia Collectiva

Acting and contributing both at a social and a collective level, in arts, culture, lifestyle, as well as local organically grown food.

“During the last few months with all the socio-economic and political changes we are experiencing in Cyprus, words as collectiveness, solidarity and self-reliance are of more importance. Utopia Collectiva based on those ideals, acts and contributes both at a social and a collective level. The lifestyle supported by the collective appears to be ideal for a decent survival and for the development of the populations within or outside the EU, that are affected by the consequences of the changes in the system. We don’t panic; instead, we believe that – even though the politicians have not so popular plans inside and outside Cyprus – we are given the chance to take charge of our lives and keep outside the imposed system as much as possible.”

Member of Utopia Collectiva, Stephanie Polycarpou



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