Key words are key but not a magic solution

What are key words and will these help my website rank in the top page of search engines?

Along with SEO, everyone in Cyprus is now talking about “key words”, as though this is the magic solution.

Well, actually they are. But not in the sense of simply adding them to your meta data, i.e. in the code part. Actually, according to Google, they don’t even impact how a site is ranked – note meta data titles and descriptions are far more important for SEO and for enticing a browser to click on your website’s search result.

Key words are fundamental for research purposes before building your website. To understand what the main words and phrases are and then focus on these in the construction on your website and the writing of your content (including any on going content work).

Consider this: there is no point to rank in the top page of search engines with only your company’s name. If your company's name is CyDevelop and you deal in construction and property development, how would a Russian business person know this? They have never heard of the company name CyDevelop, and especially that it deals in construction and property development. If they knew your company name, they wouldn’t be bothering with a search so much would they…?

Thus, when they jump online and search for the services of construction and property development in Cyprus, what will they actually search? This is what you want to uncover; this is what will make up your key words and phrases.

In this case, more than likely it will be "construction”, “property development” and of course “Cyprus”. You see, your website must be "optimised" to rank well with these very key words, among other. And not just CyDevelop.

So what you really must do is the following:

  • Make sure you analyse your business sector and its key feeder markets, as well as potential emerging markets and determine what are the primary key words and phrases they are searching in search engines to find websites with products and services such as yours. Although there would be some obvious key words and phrases, each market has indeed a slightly different approach to searching. For example, in Cyprus what do you think is the number one key word for when people search for a psychologists or therapists? Well, it's actually "depression".
  • Keep in mind that each country markets has different searching behaviours. What a Russian-speaking person would search for in English is different to what a British or French would. So when researching, make sure you are market-specific.
  • Make sure your website's content meets the requirements to these above search key words and phrases. And in great detail. But DO NOT spam your website with meaningless content just to feature these words as many times as possible; or add any content hard to find in our website. Search engines will black-list you and your ranking will suffer, as this is considered as black-hat techniques. Remember, they are trying to offer their users the service of the most relevant/accurate ranking. If you try to cheat them, then they will penalise you – usually automatically.
  • Make sure your website has the necessary key words, titles and descriptions to match but also so it sounds attractive to entice browsers to hit on your page.
  • Make sure your website's code and URL structure is technically well prepared and up to the required standards.
  • Make sure you have many links on other relevant websites pointing to your website. The more links you have the easier it is for search engines to find and crawl your website's content. The more these links are on credible/reputable website, the more credit your website gets from search engines and the higher it ranks.

It's actually a simple procedure. Of course it takes a lot of research, dedication and work. To achieve best results, knowledge in web development, market research, online marketing communications and content copywriting is also of course beneficial.

Fortunately this is exactly what we do here at Web-Conceptions. Speak to us for a no obligation and free consultation anytime! We have contacts now in Cyprus, France and Melbourne Australia.

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