Time for Business Start-up

Looking to develop a website for your business venture, as you know it is absolutely essential. In fact, it is where you will focus your marketing communications initially, as it makes economic sense

When professionals start talking about Information Technology (IT), websites and/or digital solutions, they tend to start getting all technical and stuff. This can be confusing and scary. Some of them do it intentionally in order to justify outrages costs and add-ons.

What you really want to hear is how can business benefit. How will you get more customers. How will you boost brand awareness and credibility.

The key to developing a successful website is to first and foremost understand business, and how to make the business grow using a digital solution. A web designer might design nice-looking websites, and a programmer might develop intense code, but what do they really know about business and marketing?

I know I need a website for my business

You are either a small to medium sized business, doing reasonably well, with some growth; or perhaps a brand new venture, just starting out and just exploring new opportunities.

You’re looking to build a new website for your business (or organisation), in order to enhance corporate credibility, build extra exposure in your market, and increase your sales distributions channels. Indeed, these are the main reasons anyone needs a website.

Perhaps nothing totally fancy, no E-commerce solution, and no complex IT web platform. All you really want is a website that is simply nice modern looking, efficient, effective and affordable – something like a dynamic brochure that allows existing and new potential customers to find you easily on the Internet and through search engines, like what they see, and then contact you to buy your products or services.

You just want to know the most important things to consider when building such a website for your type of business.

This scenario is the most common we come across here at Web Conceptions, in both Melbourne and Cyprus, as well as in other European markets we’ve worked in. No doubt, our existing portfolio has also built a referral network to such a client profile, i.e. start-up businesses or those relatively new to making a website for their business.

The economic situation in both Europe and Australia has further fuelled this type of demand, with many people seeking to venture out on their own, and kick-start a business for themselves; forced into it or not. Certainly it seems to be the right time to explore such opportunities.

I know I need web design/developer

Indeed, there are many website developers out there, all offering seemingly similar services, together with all of these extra add-ons that simply sound like jargon to you, such as: search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing and pay per click adds, digital communications, Content Management Solution (CMS) – custom, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, mobile applications, as well as a whole lot of other technical stuff.

Each developer claims different experiences in their marketing spill, from being a gun freelancer on the side a few years while in the music industry, to 12+ years experience at a fancy and hip web development and digital agency with coloured plastic chairs, a fluoro retro espresso machine in the lobby, and a corporate policy aligned to something like Google, working in a ‘creative’, ‘flexible’ and ‘fun’ environment.

As a business owner, you don’t care so much about the web developer’s HTML, JavaScript and other coding skills, and how fantastic they say they are. The fancy office on a popular street in Melbourne or in Paris seems nice and all, but you’re also worried that this will ultimately come out in the end price – after all, what they charge must help sustain their own business practice and costly overheads right. And Nespresso pods do not come cheap! Although it is a tasty coffee.

Sure, you know you need a robust and functional website solution, as well as a creative user-friendly web design. We are all Internet savvy now, and so we know that this must help in the business side of things. As will of course the whole marketing idea/concept behind the website.

But at the end of the day, you just know you need a website, and you want it to help drive business activity and bring in extra revenue. Especially when starting out, minimal costs are also important for long term sustainability.

What you really need is a business consultant that understands web and digital

With all web projects, Web Conceptions are fully involved with the client’s business or organisation – part of your team. We do not simply design a website for the client. We work very closely with them to understand their business and goals, thereby deploying the best possible solution. Among other aspects, this primarily includes:

  • In-depth research on their business and market

  • Competitive benchmark and analysis

  • Target and potential clientele

  • Ideas and concept phase

  • Research and writing of absolutely all website content, thereby achieving true organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – as content is the most important thing with this.

  • Customised Content management System (CMS) to allow you to dynamically create new pages and manage some of your content

  • Website design, development and functionalities for user experience (UX)

  • Digital marketing communication strategy

Above all, we stand by them from the very beginning, working together to help them establish their business and get it off the ground. This includes ideas and consultation on best business practice, organisational strategy, as well as marketing communications – both on- and offline.

Offering an affordable and simple solution to get the ball rolling, bring in some customers, and then expanding the website as the business grows.

A business consultant understands business and marketing. Web Conceptions have this experience and knowhow at an international level (especially in Cyprus, Europe and Melbourne), as well as the skill and expertise in web and digital, translating and implementing all the technical IT stuff into what really matters to your business.

Web Conceptions provide the right business formula for your digital solution.


About Our Agency

We are a specialised web design, development, SEO and online-digital communications agency, with over 15 year's international experience. To date, having completed projects across diverse business sectors and in over 12 countries, throughout the EU/Europe (Cyprus, Germany, France, Greece, the UK), wider EMEA region, as well as in Australasia.

Our solution focuses on bespoke website design, development, SEO & online marketing communications that helps brands enhance online presence, rankings, and results; locally, regionally, internationally.

As a team, we only ever work on ONE website-SEO project at any given time, ensuring maximum attention, creativity & professionalism.

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