What is SEO & why is it important?

Everyone in Cyprus is now talking about online presence and search engine optimisation or 'SEO'.

SEO has become the new buzzword now in Cyprus also, despite being around for a very long time. It’s no longer good enough to just have a website. There are way too many website out there, making it very difficult for people to find yours.

Think of the Internet like a massive directory. Everyone now is using a search engine to find specific products and services, or for general research, information and browsing.

To keep it simple, search engine optimisation (SEO) is optimising or developing your website in a way that makes it easier for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo to find it. Technically speaking, search engine's spiders (the technology and algorithms they use) crawl (search and find) a website and then rank it according to relevance.

If your site doesn’t appear on the first few pages (or even just first page), then it will simply get lost in the loop and your website traffic will be minimal, and therefore so will your business activity. It’s simple statistics.

Now, these search engines are very advanced companies. Everyone knows Google, Yahoo and Bing (owned by Microsoft) and how big they are - other countries such as Russia, China and India also have their own major search engines. They all offer a specific service. This service to filter all the millions and millions of websites in the world and provide you with the most relevant/accurate results. Otherwise no one would use them.

So, they create certain criteria and specifications to determine which websites are most relevant to the searching process. The more a website meets these certain criteria and specifications, the more likely the website will rank highly.

Among some of these criteria are your website’s content (certainly the most important), back links (especially from credible sources), URL structure, and to a lesser extent meta data (key words, titles, descriptions).

Essentially, this is what we at Web-Conceptions specialises in and strive to achieve. To create a nice-looking, professional, creative and functional website that has top-rate online presence and ranks well in search engines - search engine optimisation.

And here is the secret to our success: We thoroughly research and write all the website content, and write it in a SEO-friendly manner. At the same time, we build full customised HTML content-based website. In other words, we do not use ready-made CMS platforms that some developers might sell, or like the global ones you buy such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress. We build the website using code, and we believe this is a major competitive advantage to achieving high search ranking.

SEO is a combination of technical web development and programming together with content writing and marketing communications. This is exactly what our team is made up of here at Web-Conceptions. A combination team of these fundamental elements.

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We are a specialised web design, development, SEO and online-digital communications agency, with over 15 year's international experience. To date, having completed projects across diverse business sectors and in over 12 countries, throughout the EU/Europe (Cyprus, Germany, France, Greece, the UK), wider EMEA region, as well as in Australasia.

Our solution focuses on bespoke website design, development, SEO & online marketing communications that helps brands enhance online presence, rankings, and results; locally, regionally, internationally.

As a team, we only ever work on ONE website-SEO project at any given time, ensuring maximum attention, creativity & professionalism.

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