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The best "SEO firm" for you might not be much of a firm. Bigger is not better. Less sometimes, but not always, is more. The right SEO firm for you might have one or two employees working from a basement. Or it might be the SEO firm with 500 employees. Don't write either one off automatically.
Joshua Steimle, Contributor, FORBES


As Web-Conceptions, we first began building websites back in 2004, when a friend of a friend needed help with a website he commissioned to other developers who over-charged and did not deliver something respectable. Working from home, we as co-founders Mike and Harry embarked on an exciting journey that saw us combine both our experience and knowhow to discover that together, we produced the ideal formula for web development, SEO and digital communications.

Shortly after launching this first website, the client experienced enormous success; increasing number of unique and returning visitors from key source markets, as well as introduction of new markets, multiplying sales enquiries, and in turn increased sales conversions. No doubt, the client was thrilled. At the same time we were thrilled, and extremely motivated to continue such work.

From the outset, we saw the vast potential of our abilities in the local Cyprus market to produce an unmatched service in web design, development, functionalities, and website copywriting - a service that no other web designer provided. And due to this, we quickly learnt that we had what it took to optimise websites for search engines.


We aspired to grow our services by helping local clients build their brands online and ultimately increase business activity. All of these clients were referrals from previous clients. And all of them saw significant increases in activity immediately. This cemented our confidence, and allowed us to develop our skills, and learn new techniques and methodologies.

Soon enough, we started to help clients in other markets we had networks, including Australia and Singapore. Together with our extensive experience in market research, copywriting and marketing communications throughout the EMEA region, we developed a thorough understanding of international business, and how this should be applied to website solutions.

Today, we continue to explore our core markets of Cyprus, Melbourne-Australia, and continental Europe, as we believe these are the locations where our expertise in web design and SEO can truly provide benefit and added-value for companies. For instance:

  • Australia - we are able to produce highly competitive websites, very well optimised for search engines, and an excellent platform to maintain digital marketing communications for building exposure and online presence. However, at only a fraction of the cost of our competitors here.
  • Cyprus - unmatched level of service that combines web development and website content copywriting. Providing local businesses with a complete solution to kick-start their online campaign, and especially to those endeavouring to target international markets.
  • Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and other parts of continental Europe - making unbeatable websites because we build them in English, then have them translated into the local language. Also, due to the fact that we operate our infrastructure and content on the direction of major English-speaking Internet companies such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia and Paypal, to name a few. This ensures each website ranks highly in search engines and has the ability to build presence in English-speaking and international markets.

To date, our customers range from local SMEs to international organisations such as Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and the Hellenic Australian Business Council, an initiative backed by Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and embassy in Greece, as well as other major organisations and private enterprise.

Debt-free and financially stable. Because our business grows purely organically, we are completely debt free and financially stable. Our business grows with each new client, and is fully self-sustainable in overheads and client maintenance.

Our Partners, Certifications & Licences

Meet our team

As a boutique team, we believe we have the ideal combination to produce fully robust websites that are sure to rank well in search engines, generate significant online presence, and ultimately bring your business/organisation online and offline success. This is made up of expertise in online Marketing Communications and in-depth Copywriting, design, together with IT Programming.

Our team members all have a unique expertise, and a (we believe) "modern professional" way of working.

What's "modern professionalism" you say. Well, it's a working attitude that combines professionalism, hard work and dedication, with team work flexibility, worldly freedom and ongoing fun! We are very down-to-earth, honest, friendly, dynamic, customer centric, nature orientated, and culturally sensitive.

Our mission statement


Over the years, we have developed a high level of expertise, where essentially we pass this on to the client in the delivery of our solution, but also our upfront consultation.

At Web Conceptions, we value a balance of work and leisure. In fact, we've made work out of our leisure and leisure out of our work. After all, it did start as a hobby helping out friends; and still more or less remains so.

We work hard, honestly, and are very focussed to deliver the right solution - always producing far more. We then consult clients on how best to autonomously operate their website - as much as possible or they prefer - in order to continue the good work and grow their online presence. In doing so, also maintaining good cost efficiency, as well as sustainable model/approach.

We believe in a positive attitude, and in turn positive word-of-mouth - especially important in the local markets we are focussing on and while we are still at the early stages of our business. To impress our clients with our work ethic and of course end output, so they can see the results, and in essence become our own marketing and development channel.

Realising the potential scope of our work, we endeavour to continue to provide a highly personalised service, working exclusively on only one web-SEO project at a time. We strongly believe this ensures maximum attention, focus, creativity and professionalism. How could it not.

We do not have the resources to produce an assembly line of websites at the moment. Nor do we want to. We want clients to work with us because they specifically want to work with us. In fact, other larger web developer will find it very difficult to offer similar standards, as they must maintain their overheads, in larger office rent, operational expenses, salaries, and other. As such, these costs are absorbed into their service prices; which incidentally is also always charged according to time-spent.

We on the other hand operate efficiently and productively, as a freelance-outsourcing model. So the benefits are returned to clients in end price and added-value service. But the expertise never compromised; in fact arguably enhanced.

We hope to have the opportunity to better detail our abilities, expertise and know-how in website development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Digital Marketing Communications. Then, to put this into practice, so our team can help you increase your online presence, and in turn business activity; locally in your country, regional in the EU/Europe, as well as internationally.

Web Conceptions team

Careers at Web Conceptions

Be part of a unique boutique team that appreciates team work, flexibility, freedom, and ongoing fun! We are very down-to-earth, always proactive and looking towards the future, as well as very worldly.

At present, we have the following positions available:

Digital/Web Account Manager / Business Development Manager

Work from home; Melbourne
Will also consider part time/casual pro rata

About Web Conceptions

Web-Conceptions are a boutique Web Development, SEO and Digital Marketing Communications team working with clients internationally, but mainly focussing in Cyprus, Melbourne-Australia, and France.

A solid client base has allowed business to grow organically, moving away from purely freelance work to ongoing full fledge activities. Although we still value notions of independence, freedom and flexibility in outsourcing of work. Tea work and independent work are both fundamental.

The Position

We are seeking a mid-level to experienced Sales Account Manager / BDM to join the existing team and help drive business growth in Melbourne, Australia. Anything further abroad is also welcomed, although other team members are focussing on regions outside Australia.

Sales and new business development will be the main part of this position, including prospecting, lead generation, visiting clients, consulting-based sales and subsequent account management. You will also be involved in proposal writing, cost estimates, right through to the end to end sales process, including direct client interaction.

Ideally, you will be involved in the project, liaising with your client and reporting back to operations along the way. At the same time, involved with general marketing communications - as much as your capacity allows - such as contributing to online content (journal writing) and social media work. In any case, such marketing communications should help generate new leads, as well as keep your role fresh dynamic and proactive.

The candidate

  • A good amount of experience in digital industry - web development and/or digital marketing communications is essential as you must be able to clearly speak to clients about the nature of the business
  • Sales and/or marketing/consulting background
  • Confident dealing directly with customers; excellent interpersonal and relationship management skills at all beneficial levels
  • Communication skills; speaking to clients, presenting, writing short to medium length website and digital marketing communications proposals
  • Proactive approach to sales prospecting and generating new business
  • Account management and customer service skills. Your customers should become your professional friends, i.e. professional but also friendly nature
  • Self-starter with initiative to make decisions, work autonomously, and drive new ideas; as well as a strong team player
  • Must be proficient in Internet technologies and good at dealing with other team members and/or clients via correspondence, i.e. over e-mail, Skype, Teamviewer


This role offers a base salary of $$$ depending on experience (pro rata) plus excellent commission potential - a generous percentage on all sales, plus percentage on ongoing work.

This is a great opportunity to step into this newly created position and own it. Your abilities will dictate overall performance and end rewards, together with potential to grow and become and integral member of the team. In other words, as we grow, you grow, so the sky's the limit.

For more information, please call Michael on 0452 436 456 or by e-mailing a copy of your CV to info 'at' web-conceptions.com

Only applicants fully eligible to work in Australia and New Zealand may apply.

Why it's important to stay competitive online

"We consider our website work to be like art but with focus on business - a Business Art. A balance of aesthetics, user experience (UX), robust architecture and functionalities, in-depth research, rich SEO-friendly content and digital marketing communications. This then helps our clients stay competitive online."


Essentially, in order to stay competitive in today's economy, you must have a website platform. This ensures you have the capacity to maintain your own content and in turn broadcast your own information within the World Wide Web, whether it is to sell products/services, sign up members to an organisation, or simply convey a message.

A website will enable others to find you on the Internet either directly, via search engines, or from other channels. It will allow you to reach out, connect and communicate with existing users and new browsers.

So when creating a website these days, it should be search engine friendly, i.e. ranking well in search engines and appearing more often in more search results. It must also integrate with a wider digital communications plan, boosting online presence, brand exposure and driving new traffic back to your website. Indeed, the Internet is a network of information, so your website must be connected to this network; and be informative in its own right.

Stay competitive online. Contact Web-Conceptions for a no obligation consultation on how a bespoke website, SEO and digital communications solution can improve your business/organisation.


We are living through the "Information Revolution". Access to information is now more readily available, accessible and dynamic than ever before. Information Technology and the Internet have no doubt changed the world forever, in line with communication, exploration, globalisation, and cultural localisation.

Think of the new possibilities. Think of how much information is now available on the Internet, changing literally every split second. Not only available via a computer, but also mobile devices. All the world's knowledge and information, now at our fingertips; and in fact even just by asking a question out loud with voice recognition! The storytellers and movie makers truly have envisaged and created our future.

The Internet has now expanded to include a multitude of purposes and levels, including:

  • News, multimedia, games and entertainment
  • Social media: Facebook sharing and likes, Twitter updates, LinkedIN posting, Youtube videos
  • Web 2.0 and interactive content contributions: Wikipedia, Wikitravel, TripAdvisor, Craigslist, social media, Google Blogger, Flickr, WordPress, Tumblr, ehow, yelp
  • Ecommerce: Purchasing all sorts of products and services online, eBay, Amazon, clothing, Booking.com, Expedia, Forex trading, online Poker, Banking
  • Academic research and e-learning
  • Governmental departments, open source or not
  • Business and organisational websites; commercial on non-commercial

All this and much much more, are bound by two fundamentals:

  • A website platform that builds and presents information, and
  • Content, allowing search engines to find and present information

Phenomenal growth in Internet usage worldwide. You can not afford to miss out.

According to the International Telecommunications Union, usage of the Internet continues to grow tremendously. In 2005, 16% of the world's population was using the Internet; 8% in the developing world and 51% in the developed world. In 2013, these figures grew to 39%, 31% and 77%, respectively. Aside from organic development, no doubt much of the immediate growth in usage has also been attributed to the development of mobile devices accessing the Internet. In fact, in many developing countries, Internet usage has jumped directly to mobile devices. Think of these statistics as you potential market reach.

Make sure you stay competitive online. Contact Web-Conceptions for a no obligation consultation on how a bespoke website, SEO and digital communications solutions can improve your business/organisation.

Fast Web Response Rate


From start to finish, our turnaround with delivering a fully designed, developed and tested website is usually anywhere from 2 weeks for a more simple promotional-type website, up to about 2 months for something more complex; 1 months is the average 'sweet spot' for most websites. This includes the entire design, development of functionalities, backend CMS (content management system), content research and copywriting, search engines optimisation (SEO), uploading of site to go live, and leading the client in the right direction in terms of digital marketing communications, such as online PR and social media work. A fully robust web and digital solution with an ULTRA FAST TURNAROUND.

We're willing to bet this is one of the fasted production turnaround in the world, when considering our service, workload and what added value is ultimately delivered.

Of course there are many variables that can determine just how quickly your website can be delivered. Some of the most obvious include:

  • Complexity of the website project, therefore for more technical work required. For instance, how many CMS components you actually need and will it have an eCommerce platform, etc.
  • Comprehensiveness of the website content, thus more research and copywriting, and overall more web pages.
  • Client's own response rate. This is usually the main influence, as most times we are actually waiting on clients to provide us with some information, images or some sort of decision, which can stall part of the web development process.

Which is also the main point. We tend to work much faster than the client, always highly motivated, eager, positive and hardworking.

Why do we work so fast? It's simple. The Web Conceptions team lives and breathe Internet work. Part of this entails the flexibility to work all sorts of hours; 7 days a week, any day of the year, and from any location in the world. We like it like this. In fact, it is our main aspiration.

Additionally, seeing that we only work on one main web project-at-a-time, this means we are fully focussed and entrenched on the client at hand, and can work round-the-clock to deliver successfully.


When you work in the web, online and digital industry, naturally, you are always plugged in and wired to the Internet. Thus, our web developers, support and sales/marketing are almost always online to read and respond to your requests and questions. No doubt, new mobile technologies also allow us to always be available, and accessible from anywhere.

Best of all, we cover a very wide global time zone, stretching all the way from Melbourne (Australian Eastern Standard Time zone), through all Asian countries to Nicosia, Cyprus (European, Middle Eastern and African time zones). This is a very wide reach, virtually covering the entire globe!

So you can be sure of our global support. In fact, ALL our clients would testify to this, and we are more than happy to source this and have them do so directly for your benefit. They have been truly amazed at our response rate, many times actioned within MINUTES!

Again, this is because we are highly motivated, eager, positive and hardworking.


  • Always added-value service, producing more then agreed
  • Client exclusivity; working only on one web project
  • KISS model. Simple & robust web & SEO solutions
  • Growing organically together with our clients
  • Very affordable option for staying competitive online
  • Honest, friendly and professional working ethos

Our Core

  • Honesty, Optimism, Enthusiasm
  • Respect for Nature, Culture & Human Rights
  • Creativity, Professionalism & Flexibility

Best way to be sure about our work

"Seeing our work is the best testament to our abilities. Check out our featured website projects. Remember, with this work we have done absolutely everything you see, including web development, all content copywriting, SEO, marketing and digital branding/concept. Even after finishing each project, we revisit, constantly working to make it better and rank higher in search engines. We do this at no charge. Purely because we know websites and SEO need to evolve, and because we want to see our clients succeed."