Custom CMS

Dynamic Content for SEO & Digital Communications

Web Conceptions provide a "Hybrid Website Solution", which essentially balances static HTML website development with dynamic pages managed by a custom-built Content Management System (CMS).

A CMS is a computer program that allows various forms of publishing, editing, modifying and management of a website's content. Content is maintained from a central interface at the back-end of your website, i.e. accessed securely by the website's selected administrators and not the general public. Most systems use a content repository or a custom-built database to store website content, meta data (for SEO purposes), and other information assets that might be needed by the system.

A CMS is very important within a wider web development, SEO and digital communications solution, for two very important reasons:

  • It allows you to add and maintain all sorts of new content to your website, and in doing so, improving search engine ranking. Since content is the most important aspect to SEO, it is vital that your website has new and ongoing original content input in order to stay ahead of online competition. Plus the more new content you add in your site, the more words will be picked up by search engines. We call this dynamic content.
  • It allows you to integrate with external communication channels, including social media, e-mails via the CMS's own newsletter, as well as third party websites via RSS feeds (this is where other third party website and mobile devices can automatically feed your content/information, i.e. news). In doing so, this adds your website's link elsewhere - the other fundamental component of SEO - as well as generating direct traffic back to your website, i.e. readers click the link of the news story and hit on your website.

Robust Custom CMS Solution

Web-Conception's Content Management System is fully customised for each website project. So price very much depends on what's required and complexity involved. Overall, because the CMS is fully custom-built for each website client, incorporating ONLY elements actually required and predefined, it is cheaper, as well as much more simple and easy-to-use. In fact, you will never need a manual, and likely you will pick it up straight away. Having said this, the CMS comes with full training and support.

Above all, Web-Conception's CMS considers content first. In other words, thinking strategically from the very beginning about what type of content is needed for a digital/web project to get the most value and achieve optimal results; client's purpose, design format, target audience, useability, etc.

This custom-CMS solution can be implemented and supported in any market, globally; EU/Europe (Cyprus, Germany, France, Switzerland), Melbourne, Australia, or any other country, supporting any language and special characters, as well as any other special input required.

Advantages of Web-Conception's Custom CMS
  • No licence requirement; No licence fees
  • Fully customised as per each client's requirements
  • Cheaper to build and integrate
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Robust CMS solution
  • Built, tested & implemented by same programming team that develops your website
  • Multiple users, with pre-defined accessibility privileges
  • Integrated metadata for boosting page SEO; titles, description and keywords
  • Presentation of content integrated with Social Media platforms for easy 'sharing'
  • Ability to embed social media plug-ins, such as Youtube videos to a given entry
  • Ability to attach various types of supporting documents, i.e. PDFs
  • Fully use-tested by international marketing communications professionals
  • Training provided on how to operate the CMS and manage web content
  • On-going full support by the tech team that builds the CMS

Remember: this CMS from Web Conceptions is fully customised and integrated with the website's front end design. Essentially, this means the website is what we call a "hybrid solution", utilising a mix of static HTML based development that significantly helps increase search engine ranking (SEO impact), with dynamic pages managed by the custom-built CMS that allows a user to autonomously add new content to the website in order to create new pages, build depth and maintain online/digital communications.

Contact Web-Conceptions for more information on a custom built Content Management System (CMS) and how it can integrate with a new website. Custom CMS Service