Design / Development


Web-Conceptions offer fully customised website designs that you actually get to see well in advance before you make the final decision to purchase, together with full development services. This includes conceptualising the idea to suit your target positioning (defined together with the client during in-depth brainstorming and research phases), and all front-end modifications, adapting the website's navigation logic and adding all type of content in an easy to present and read manner, including graphics, text, titles, multimedia, social media widgets, internal and external links.

The number of web pages is completely flexible, and very much depends on actual requirements and what's needed to achieve your online marketing goals. No doubt, the more unique pages you make the better, as it will help your website rank higher in search engines. Knowing this, and of course appreciating added value and customer service, Web-Conceptions always do extra work on each website project, over and above the agreement with clients. All in an effort to ensure your website performs as best it can do, so you succeed, and so Web-Conceptions helps make it happen.

An example of standard website pages for a small to medium sized business may include: Home page, About Us, Services, Products, Blog/News, FAQs, Contacts, and Privacy Policy - of course all unique, adapted to your specific sector. Within each of these main menu pages would be additional content, presented in an easy to navigate and read method, such as links to other sub pages or via other functionalities.

Back-end website solutions & programming

Various types of functionalities that require programming to integrate with the front end website. Some of these are quite simple, whilst others are more complex and take time to build. Some basic website functionalities might include: all types of forms, such as for contact pages, quotations, enquiries; JavaScript functionalities and more dynamic/fancy presentation of content; RSS and XML, supporting automatic content feeds either to or from your website.

More complex type website functionalities are usually incorporated in Content Management Solutions. This is a custom-build database functionality that allows the website's administrator to log in to a secure back-end and add/manage new content, commonly used for news/journal, and more comprehensive products/services page. This is very important for search engine optimisation (SEO), digital marketing, as well as generally for user-experience, i.e. informative. In the management of such entries, content may include a title, summary, meta tags (for SEO), body text, images, embedded video, and supporting documents.

Complexity of a CMS very much depends on what each client requires, and can range from a straightforward single blog entry upload, to more detailed product listings with a great amount of variables. Other common integrations to a CMS may include:

  • Search functionality of database content, and presented in the front end part of the site
  • Payment gateway solutions, i.e. Paypal and other online payment systems
  • E-mail subscriptions
  • Newsletters, and
  • Integration for sharing via social media

When used together, both these above elements of website design and development provide an excellent platform to promote your business or organisation online, and help achieve better search engine ranking and online presence. It keeps your website dynamic, fresh and active.

Simple Development Process, Comprehensive Solution

Contact Web-Conceptions for a no obligation consultation on web design and development services in Cyprus-EU and Melbourne-Australia, and how it can help improve your business/organisation locally and globally. Design / Development Service

Website design & development process

Understand the client: Web-Conceptions first sit down and listen. The mission is to clearly understand your business or organisation, outlook and online goals. In doing so, producing a 'brief' and putting us in a much better position to provide an end solution. At the same time, better explaining our own web design and development abilities, and what we can deliver.

Proper planning and client proposal: the next step is to take this way and digest, then conduct more thorough preliminary research, including: business/organisation and sector; current website and its SEO and online presence; competitors on- and off-line; and market characteristics - target markets and emerging/possible marketing. With this information, Web-Conception's team can prepare a fully customised and in-depth proposal, considering what you initially requested, but also what is deemed to be required by our expert consultants, incorporating a complete website design, development and digital solution:

  • Website front-end design architecture
  • Presentation and Navigation logic
  • IT integrations, such as functionalities and a Content Management Solution (CMS)
  • Project management of website content, and/or full content copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimisation - content, meta tags, back-links
  • Digital marketing campaign, including social media, online PR and communications
  • Hosting your website and technical maintenance
  • Traffic monitoring and content/marketing updates

100% Guaranteed website designs: within this proposal, Web-Conceptions are in a unique position to already propose a number of possible website design options (website themes), together with a full interactive demo version. This comes from some of the world's best website designers; a platform that provides virtually endless choice of amazing, creative and practical web designs & ideas. Imagine that, you get to see a real live version of what your website will look like before you actually make any sort of commitment. That's certainly reassurance! You approve the final website design, and we fully customise it to suit your requirements. Read more about ready-prepared web design themes from Web-Conception's partner, the world's largest and most advanced web designer.

Building websites that work: Web-Conceptions focus on building a website that will achieve results, i.e. rank well in search engines, generate online presence and general exposure, drive traffic, and ultimately increase activity. Web-Conception's goal is to see you website succeed; never cutting corners, never charging for any minor extra work, and always producing far more than initially agreed with the client.

Our competitive advantages in service & solution

We are a small, highly specialised web development & SEO team. Our team only ever works on one website project at any given time. This allows us to be fully focussed - professionally, technically, creatively - on the one client and sector over the entire phase of development, essentially becoming full-time contractors over this period.

Our team is made up of development/programmers and content/marketing communications, with extensive experience in each respective field. This means our production output is done simultaneously, achieving better and more efficient results in design, SEO and online presence.

Furthermore, the website's logic is hand-crafted/coded by an IT programmer, using predominantly static based infrastructure (as opposed to ready-made and complex CMS website platforms), with a fully custom-built and personalised CMS where needed and other functional and tested IT integrations. This is piloted by our in-house website content copywriters who have diverse and international experience in both market research, marketing communications and writing for online channels.

Other competitive advantages with Web-Conception's website design, development and SEO services include:

  • Extensive international experience in market research
  • International experience in Marketing Communications and online PR
  • Technical and creative copywriters, with specialisation in website copy
  • Solid technical background in web development, IT and network infrastructure
  • Customer service at all beneficial level, from those that have in-depth knowledge and experience in website and digital marketing, to those with none
  • Presence and professional project experience throughout the EMEA region, namely Cyprus, Germany, France, the UK, Middle East, as well as Melbourne, Australia

Contact Web-Conceptions for a no obligation consultation on web design and development services in Cyprus-EU and Melbourne-Australia, and how it can help improve your business/organisation locally and globally. Design / Development Service