Digital Guarantee

Our obvious secret to Your online success

Shhhhuuuu...This is a SECRET we are a little hesitant to publicise, as other developers might take it on board. Actually, we doubt most will, because it just means a lot more extra web coding work and time, therefore less revenue generated from the client (or at least much higher quoted prices).

At Web-Conceptions, we do not compromise quality for time and money. We simply want to produce the best performing website for the client. One that will rank highly in search engines, generate strong online presence and in turn increase return on investment. And we know how to do it.

So what's the secret?

Well, beyond the WEB DEVELOPMENT PROCESS adopted by Web-Conceptions and the fact that as web developers we actually also write and/or edit all web content from a professional digital marketers perspective, there is one main aspect that allows our website solution to perform so well online, i.e. in terms of search engine ranking and online presence:

It's simple: We do not cut corners by using a read made CMS. We build entire HTML based website structures, made up of predominantly static pages with fully customised ad-hoc CMS components.

We do not use ready-made CMS website types such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and the like. In reality, these CMS websites are used to make the development process easier for the developer, i.e. less workload for the developer to put the structure together at the beginning and then later in editing content.

Of course, these CMS websites do have their pros (lets not discount this), namely in that they allow you to alter the entire website's content via a back-end office much more easily and with less knowledge of website coding. But do you actually know how to set it up and do this yourself, or do you have to get a professional web developer to do it?

If you can do it yourself, then great, that's an obvious plus side towards efficiency and perhaps a CMS would work well for your purpose. If not, and you need a programmer, then what's the difference...? Thus, you are better off with a predominantly static HTML site and only some components of a fully customised CMS.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - HTML Static websites Vs CMS websites

The simple reality is that search engine spiders crawl (search and find) static content in HTML based websites much more easily and faster then content found in a CMS.

  • A HTML site is one built on the traditional system where there are web pages that physically exist on the server. The website's pages all need to be crafted and coded by hand.
  • A content management system (CMS) site is one that runs from a database. There are no actual pages on the server. Website content (text and the publishing instructions) are located in the database and the page is built on demand by the server. Images are drawn from the usual folders.

Think of it like this, content in a CMS is located deep inside a database (sometimes a very complex database), whereas static HTML content is located right there on the surface of the website. And since with organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), CONTENT IS KING, then it stands to reason that making it easier for search engines to find a website's content is much better for search engine ranking.

"Put your website content on a plate so search engines can feed easily"

Beyond this, CMS websites also have limitations with what legitimate tricks and strategies you can adopt to improve search engine ranking. Their structure is already build, with many new plug-ins needed to make it better as you go along. HTML based websites allow for much more creative and strategic programming control to benefit SEO, as well as other functionalities.

Make your website rank higher in search engines. Stand out from the online crowd already using CMS websites and go for a much more SEO-powerful HTML static based website, built properly and with comprehensive research and web content.