E-Commerce Website

What are eCommerce websites?

E-Commerce websites are a type of electronic commerce industry that allows for buying and selling of all sorts of products and services over the Internet - business-to-consumer and/or business-to-business. Essentially, it is the sales aspects of e-business, and consists of the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of business transactions.

E-commerce may be the sole aspects of a certain business, or part of the business model of enterprises, complementing their conventional commercial activities for selling and buying aimed at enhancing their performance, i.e. increasing sales distribution channels and introducing new regional and global markets.

E-Commerce mostly utilises the web for its 'shop-front' browsing and transactions, although it may also encompass other mediums, including e-mails/newsletters, mobile devices and applications, social media, and telephones/fax.

Dynamic online sales & marketing solution: an eCommerce website will increase your potential market size (quite literally the whole country or world) and significantly boost sales and revenue. It will do so in a very clever manner, providing you with highly interactive ad dynamic intelligence on your online business, which you can then re-integrate back into the eCommerce platform and other marketing material (i.e. newsletters) for encouraging more sales. For instance, an eCommerce website will remember what previous visitors shopped around for, previously bought, their favourites, or other similar products/services. This can then be used to reinstate a message, and present them with other possibilities.

Increase Market Size & Boost Sales with E-Commerce

Web-Conception's eCommerce platform provides a powerful shopping cart software solution either as a standalone website or integrating into a main HTML front-end website design.

Both enjoy all the benefits of the software's sophistication in functionality, although having a front-end website design can significantly boost search engine optimisation (SEO) - since the entire solution will incorporate a greater amount of static based content and other SEO strategies - as well as have greater flexibility in aesthetic design and navigation.

The eCommerce platform also integrates payments easily, allowing you to securely accept payments through your online store by choosing from over 30 integrated international payment providers for smooth, professional online transactions. PayPal Payments Advanced also now available on this platform.

Other aspects of an eCommerce platform draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing and SEO, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, automated data collection systems, and dynamic content.

Contact Web-Conceptions for a no obligation consultation on how an eCommerce website can help maximise website traffic, increase conversions and boost online sales. E-Commerce Website Service

E-commerce Product Features

CSS based online control panel
Content management system
Dynamic css menu system
Unlimited products
Unlimited categories and sub-categories
Upselling / cross selling
Product reviews and ratings
Gift certificates and donations
Spry tabbed panels
Show recently viewed items
Place products in multiple categories
Multiple product images
Admin image upload
Product option configurator
Apply coupons and discounts
Dropshipper feature
Manufacturers page
Stock management
Editable order details
Affiliate program
Customer login (optional)
Wholesale / retail pricing
Downloadable product inventory
CSV database upload

Up to 3 languages from the same database
Show up to 3 alternative currencies
MySQL / Access / MS SQL supported
UPS, USPS; FedEx online rates
Weight and price based shipping
Canada Post supported
Flat rate shipping
Shipping estimator before checkout
Customer shipping carrier selector
Flat rate or percentage handling
Package tracking and order updates
Compatible with major tax systems
More than 40 payment providers
Manual order creation
Email notification of orders
Verified by Visa supported
Google Analytics ecommerce tracking
Download orders to csv file
Printable packing slips and invoices
Collect emails on checkout
Newsletter feature
Search engine friendly features
XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant
... plus many more

This is a selection of the main features of the eCommerce shopping cart software. For a full list of features, or if you would like more information on how things work, contact Web-Conceptions