Website Project: PrimeStar Real Estate Cyprus - Version 1

"We as Primestar Estates Ltd have no words to describe the work done by Web-Conceptions. They have worked tired less to have everything up running live on time, many times through weekends and have done an amazing job; including subsequent work. We have grown our turnover since our website went live and we owe this to the amazing job done by the guys at Web-Conceptions. Guys, we are grateful for all the work you have done for us so far and we look forward to more collaboration in the near future!" Visit PrimeStar Real Estate Cyprus Website

Stavros Christoforou, Director

Website URL:
Specific Industry: Real estate services in Cyprus: buying, selling, renting and letting residential, commercial and luxury properties
Client Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Year launched: 2012

Global Freelance Web Service
Complete website solution, including initial consulting, online business strategy, web design concept, programming development with extensive elements of Content Management System (CMS) for updating some content, real estate industry content research & writing, editing, SEO analysis and implementation, online and Internet marketing business strategy , tracking & monitoring, domain, hosting service.

Newly established Nicosia-Cyprus based real estate firm, PrimeStar Real Estate approached Web-Conceptions to handle their entire website development and online strategy. In Cyprus, real estate is one of the most competitive sectors, together with professional services and tourism. As such, it was always going to be a challenge to produce a website that not only ranks well, but achieves results by encouraging visitors to call-of-action. In any case, it was fundamental that client had at least some sort of web presence, both for corporate image (i.e. as reference to the newly established firm to potential clients), as well as for listing properties. Indeed, marketing the website would also be an ongoing process, with online strategies, as well as other marketing mediums, namely revealing the URL on property billboards and in print media.

Working with Web-Conceptions, freelance web developers
Focus for this project was on all necessary technical aspects of building a website and achieving SEO. Crucial elements of the site were in content in order to achieve a reasonable ranking, and in the CMS, which maintains all property listings, company news and other important information on the real estate sector in Cyprus. This project followed now standard procedures for the Web Conceptions team. First, brainstorming with the client in order to set the project's scene and an overall perspective. Then, researching the real estate sector and benchmarking in order to clarify exactly what would be required. When all preliminary groundwork was done, Web-Conceptions presented the client with a number of website base structures and what possibilities could be achieved. Together they chose the most suitable design.

Content: when it comes to search engine optimisation, content is King. This site needed to have a good amount of content that was not only informative, but also suited SEO purposes, i.e. scattered with key words. Of course prior to doing this, a thorough analysis had to be made on what key words and phrases relevant markets (in this case Cyprus, the UK, other EU and Europe, Russia, CIS and China) normally search (in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other engines) when seeking a real estate agent or buying/renting properties in Cyprus. Content focussed on the company and all real estate services provided, as well as general information on the real estate sector in Cyprus. Certain content aspects were also adopted in order to benefit SEO in the long term, namely news (for ongoing dynamic content), real estate glossary, real estate FAQs, and real estate tools, which included content on areas such as home loans, mortgages & finance, as well as real estate legalities & tax info.

CMS: this was an important element of the site, in order to offer visitors ongoing dynamic content and information on PrimeStar Real Estate services, as well as the real estate sector in Cyprus. In doing so, content would also benefit SEO. The CMS has to be fully customised, user-friendly (for the client to easily maintain) and functional.

Key uses of the CMS included:
  • Property listings, for buying and renting residential, commercial and luxury properties in Cyprus. A new unique function was adopted to present property listings, with interactive search behaviours.
  • Company news, for regular corporate and Cyprus real estate sector updates and then sharing via social media (similar to what a newsletter used to achieve). This helps generate traffic back to the website and overall interest in the company and its services.
  • Real estate tools, that offers added-value information about various aspects of the Cyprus real estate sector, such as home loans, mortgages & finance, as well as real estate legalities & tax info. Since these areas are susceptible to change over time, the client was given the ability to amend and/or add further information.