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Web Conceptions and local German web developer Webdesign Dienst have teamed up to offer bespoke website design, development, SEO, and digital communication services to companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other German-speaking markets.

Together, providing an efficient, affordable, robust and ultra successful solution to expanding your online presence and credibility in Germany, the EU and internationally.

Essentially this solution combines each team's strengths and competitive advantages in web development, SEO and communications, as well as in business development and marketing. In other words, offering local German business representation, with regional and international web expertise and resources. This then boosts your online presence and credibility in the local German market, but also more generally in the EU, Europe and internationally - especially important for those aiming to target new markets and expand abroad.

How does this web development service in Germany work?

How does this web development service in Germany work?

1. In-Depth Business & Market Research

Our local team first conducts meetings with your company/organisation to better understand your business situation, such as your background, products/services, and goals. At the same time, we conduct extensive research to understand the wider business market, including online analysis, key communication channels, prospects, and competitor benchmarking.

In doing so, we are in a much better position to recommend what type of solution is needed for your business/organisation, as well as of course better prepares us to execute the project and deliver results. This is a proven professional process!

2. Website Development Infrastructure

The website building process begins. Together with the client we set the design, and begin to develop the concept accordingly. This includes all front-end website development features and functionalities to suit the clients branding/positioning, partially static, together with a fully custom-build Content Management System (CMS). Because our CMS is custom-built for each project, it is much more applicable to what the client's business/organisation requires, much simpler to use autonomously and maintain your website's content, as well as allows the website to be far more powerful in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

3. Website Content Research & Writing

Our copywriters get to work, with extensive research and creative copywriting of the entire website's static content; aided by whatever briefing and material provided by the client. The client approves, and/or together we edit what is required to finalise the content and ready to launch. The website's dynamic content can of course be maintained by the client via the custom-built CMS, or outsourced to our team for further maintenance in content writing.

Once finalised, the website's content can then be fully translated to German and further localised (i.e. research, SEO analysis and strategy for the German market). In addition, our team can provide full website translation and localisation services in Chinese Mandarin, Russian, French, Spanish and Greek.

4. SEO & Digital Communication Strategy

There are many widely accepted and known SEO strategies you can and should adopt when developing a website. However, the main reasons of our team's successful SEO results are:

  • Because we uniquely research and write all the website's content simultaneously during the development phase, we are in a much stronger (and more honest) position to achieve true organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Our copywriters are professionals with over 15 years experience in international market research, business development and digital marketing communications. Indeed a winning combination in web.
  • Because our websites are hand crafted by dedicated programming engineers, together with a custom-built CMS, they are far more powerful in SEO. This is a proven fact.

Aside from these two key points, other professional SEO strategies we adopt (as explained throughout our own website) include assistance with credible and worthwhile back-links, writing of all page metadata, domain name selection, URL structure, setup of key digital communication channels, including social media and consultation on best practice, as well as website traffic analytics.

Subsequent website maintenance and digital communication work is provided, as needed. This is charged only by work carried out, with a webmaster timesheet specifying exactly what work has been undertaken and the (modest) time spent. We always deliver a lot more then agreed, and always provide added value. No doubt, keeping clients happy is the best service you can provide, and the best marketing for our solution.

Key Benefits of using our web team in Germany

Key Benefits of using our web team in Germany

As a team, Web-Conceptions and Webdesign Dienst are able to offer a clear-cut competitive advantage in web design, development and SEO solutions for companies and organisations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other German-speaking markets.

  • Credibility: Webdesign Dienst is based in Germany. The other part of our team is still based within the European Union (EU), in Cyprus, therefore on the same time zone, easily able to travel within the region, and in a position to understand the wider regional and international business market.
  • Better Price. Because part of our development team are based abroad from Germany, we are able to provide much more competitive end prices in website and SEO solutions, together with much more added value (i.e. we have lower operational costs). For price-to-solution ratio, it is arguably unbeatable in the local German market!
  • True organic and powerful SEO. With full native English-speaking web developers, and content researchers and copywriters, we're in much better position to achieve true organic search engine optimisation (SEO) and build greater online exposure/presence for your business/organisation internationally. Because with SEO, content is the most important aspect, and with the Internet and international business, English is fundamental (almost 60% of all Internet content is in English. Yet we also achieve strong online presence locally in German, since part of our team is based here, and since the site will be developed accordingly.
  • International Business. Our project management team and content copywriters have over 15 years experience in international business, market research, and digital marketing communications, thereby better understanding the international business landscape and potential new markets for your company/organisation. This includes experience throughout Europe, the Middle East & Africa region (EMEA), Australasia, and generally English-speaking international markets. This has been proven time and time again with each website project, now having worked in 10 countries worldwide.
  • Stability: all our web development is done in-house, using hand-coded and custom-built infrastructure, ensuring stability, powerful impact and greater effectiveness for your business/organisation online. We also fully manage your hosting on private servers.

Consider the Internet being global and accessible

Consider the Internet being global and accessible

"Since we all know the undisputable and significant value of having our business/organisation online, and the true power of the Internet in networking and connecting the world, then it stands to reason that we should also accept working with an international web developer/SEO expert team." - Web Conceptions and Webdesign Dienst

Of course, each website must be "localised" and adapted to suit its own market, but having a better understanding of Internet and online technology trends must certainly help for wider growth. At Web Conceptions, we take our know-how and experience and implement a solution that clearly benefits your company/organisation in your own local market, as well as internationally. That's our business art.



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