Web Traffic Analysis

Monitor Website Traffic 24/7

Once you've built a website, you will surely want to know who is visiting and what they are doing when browsing on your site. Market insights are crucial to operations, development and growth.

Web-Conceptions assist in implementing the right tools to track and monitor website traffic and KPIs, presenting comprehensive reports back to stakeholders in an easy-to-follow and visual manner, as well as available online anytime at your own convenience 24 hours, 7 days a week. Real-time website traffic trends.

The purpose is to help you easily understand website visitors and their browsing behaviours, so you can then make relevant decisions and actions in order to become more successful online, i.e. improve SEO, boost online presence, and increase conversion rates.

Free service: This is a completely FREE service - as long as your website does not start to generate over 9,000 pageloads each day, otherwise it will be deemed to be outside what the service can sustain as a free business model and you will be asked you to either remove the service or upgrade to a paying level (which also however gives you a lot more benefits and insights). Although 9,000 pageloads per day is a lot!

Some of the most crucial elements of website tracking and monitoring include:

  • How many people are visiting your website; unique visitors and returning visitors each day and each minute
  • Country/location of you web visitors
  • Sometimes, what company or organisation is visiting your website
  • How long are visitors spending on your website
  • Entry pages and exit pages - how are visitors finding your website and which page are they leaving from
  • Which pages of your website are most popular
  • Which search engines are most popular when visiting your website
  • Which Internet browsers are visitors using
  • Which Internet devices are visitors using
  • Incoming traffic from paid online sources (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Visit paths and visit lengths
  • Page load activity
  • Keyword analysis and recent keyword activity - what key words are most frequently used in search engines to find your website

Plus many more available statistics & analytical web data, presented with graphs, tables & links. Please note, this service is provided by a third party reliable partner, in operation since 1999. Web-Conceptions also implement Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools for our web development and search engine optimisation phase.

Contact Web-Conceptions for more information on how to view in-depth website stats and a real-time analysis of the visitors to your website. Web Traffic Analysis Service