"Proof is in the pudding. The best sample of our web development & SEO abilities is not our own website, but the actual project work we do for each client."

True value-added approach for boosting online success. We all know the importance of a website and digital marketing campaign. 1, Web development is of course fundamental to building a proper functional site. Yes, you do need a programmer. 2, It is also nice to have a creative and chic design. However, it is an absolute understanding of these two web elements, together with real business practice that will enable your website to excel and succeed.

Web-Conceptions solution: technical programmer/designer + business marketing communications intelligence. Indeed, a proven formula.

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Italy: Biorenovo Regenerative Medicine
Investing in regenerative medicine research & biomedical kidney/tissue engineering.

NTU Conference Singapore 2014
Academic historical conference at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Erodos Café-Restaurant & Bar
Café-restaurant & bar, with authentic Cypriot cuisine & live traditional music.





Development & SEO Team
Outsourcing website development to international experts; personalised & flexible.
Development & SEO Team

Outsourcing is indeed the way of the future. Not just in web development, SEO and online communications, but in so many different industries.

It (most commonly) makes good business sense; in service/solution, price, as well as from a wider ecological perspective. No doubt, when seeking a new website for your company or organisation, the main thing is ensuring you have true experts providing the right solution.

Our team is made up of IT and web programmers, together with marketing communication experts and creative content writers. We have over 15 years experience in the industry, working on diverse projects and in many countries throughout the world, mainly in the EU/Europe and Australasia. No doubt, this has provided us with invaluable knowhow and project management expertise. Meanwhile, because we are a boutique team, our service is personalised and flexible, always tailored to the project at hand.

Working closely with the client to better understand their strategic targets, as well as their business/organisation sector and market, our team sets up the website (design and development), with an excellent kick-start in organic SEO, as well as online-digital marketing communications. We then either provide ongoing web, content and marketing communications maintenance services, or consult the client on how best to maintain in-house.

Key advantages to outsourcing web development, SEO & online marketing communication solutions include:

  • Service: our company has been involved in website design, development, organic SEO and online-digital marketing communications for over 15 years now, in addition to being the educational background of our team's respective specialisation. Thus far, we have worked on diverse projects in over 10 countries around the world. No doubt, this experience and highly specialised knowhow is difficult to match.
    Our company is made up of exactly the same tight knit team over the years, working closely together since the very beginning. This means we know each other extremely well, have evolved over the years in parallel, and have developed an ultra efficient way of delivering solutions for clients. Meanwhile, new partners in respective key markets have helped compliment this core structure.
    Because we are a boutique team, we have no complex corporate hierarchies or management structures. Thus, things get done as required, with professionalism, personalisation/flexibility, and promptness. We work round-the-clock as needed, and not on a strict 9 to 5 working schedule, which also means we can easily cater to all global time zones. At the same time, we also have systems and procedures in place, ensuring smooth process and proven results.
    At Web-Conceptions, we care about each and every website project as our own; as indeed it also is our reference work. For us, it's more than a profession, but a passion and our own "business art".
  • Price: since we have limited, or rather scalable overheads, our prices can afford to be ultra competitive. Our efficient work output also means we take less time in delivery, ultimately resulting in lower end solution price and able to more easily cater to all sorts of budgets. Finally, Web Conceptions do not follow standard agency or corporate pricing methods of always charging for every single time and any extra work. At Web Conceptions, we never charge for unnecessary "extras", minor website updates or even much consultation. We always deliver value-for-money, far above and beyond the agreed price, in an honest effort to help the client start off the right and best way, and see their project succeed in very short time - this is our customer satisfaction.
  • Ecological: the Internet has opened many new doors to business and communications, such as the ability to work remotely from any inspiring/motivational location. Web-Conceptions work in a paperless environment, do not travel to and from work each day, and self promote carbon offsetting practices to all their clients, as well as to the general public via Australian-based Climate Friendly, ranked as "outstanding" and "Number 1" in the Carbon Offset Watch report. At the same time, Web-Conception's core team is regularly involved in a host of other eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives, including agricultural work, aquaponics, working with wildlife, as well as a number of local community projects. Cultural sensitivities are also embedded in the working ethos, supported by extensive international professional experiences, as well as volunteering in a number of peace conferences and training seminars around the world.
Customer Loyalty
Working with only ONE web project at-a-time, providing maximum focus, creativity & professionalism.
Customer Loyalty

At Web Conceptions we have a simple philosophy to service: look after your customers honestly and provide a professional and unbeatable solution. In return, they will provide positive word-of-mouth, which always transpires in return business and new business. In the community-orientated markets we predominantly work in, such networking is fundamental, over and above any fancy advertising, PR or expensive sales campaigns.

Over the years, this level of service has been achieved via our main USP; that we always work with clients exclusively. A simple concept that works very well: "We work with only one web development project at-a-time, providing maximum focus, creativity & professionalism."

Working with only one client at-a-time ensures optimal concentration in web design, development, SEO and online-digital marketing communications and branding. It allows the Web-Conceptions team to be fully captivated on one project, one industry and one goal. When it comes to creative concepts and technical accuracy, this is one of our key advantages.

Web-Conceptions always place the client at the centre of any web project, ensuring utmost level of care, respect and satisfaction. We welcome feedback, and always strive to enhance service and abilities.

International Presence
Web development & SEO solutions with a community touch, yet global reach.
International Presence

Web Conceptions work with clients globally. Indeed, there are no barriers in the online world, providing the opportunity to work remotely and across borders. And we do. Thus far, Web Conceptions have worked with website & SEO projects in the EU/Europe (namely Cyprus, Germany, France, Greece, the UK), Middle East, Singapore, and Melbourne, Australia.

Although mainly working from our global head office base in Cyprus/EU, our team can travel to meet clients personally, as sometimes required by larger or more complex projects, and/or for any necessary operational duties. At the same time, we have team members on the ground in our key areas of business, including:
• Nicosia and Limassol, Cyprus
• Southern Germany region, also suitable for for Austria and Switzerland
• Paris and Rhones-Alps, France, and
• Melbourne, Australia

Our team's ability to work well with clients in other countries also emphasises our understanding of international business and markets, ultimately supporting client's endeavours to expand globally online, and/or target new markets. This is backed by extensive experience in international business, market research, consulting and marketing communications, as well as IT.

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